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Utica Decorative Stone Veneer for Elegant Additions

Stone has always provided an elegant appearance to a home’s exterior or as an interior accent. If you have ever considered the addition of stone for your Utica home and cost or other factors have stopped you, consider the option of adding decorative stone veneer. 3 Dads Decks & Pads, LLC will work to show you how decorative stone veneer can add the charm of stone to your home without destroying your project budget.

Advantages of Decorative Stone Veneer

Decorative stone veneer has the look and feel of natural stone as it is manufactured using molds from real stone but with a wider array of colors and patterns allowing you to create the finish you are looking for.

The durability of decorative stone veneer is equivalent to that of natural stone without the drawbacks created by the excessive weight and labor-intensive installation needs.

Decorative stone veneer offers flexibility as it is compatible with a wide variety of building material surfaces including wood, brick, cement, and wall board. This allows it to be used for projects inside and out for your Utica home.

The Value of Decorative Stone Veneer

Along with the beauty, decorative stone veneer adds more to your home or commercial space in the value it creates. Decorative stone veneer is non-porous and non-absorbent which makes it easy to maintain without the need of special cleaners. Environment does not impact decorative stone veneer and will not fade and is heat-resistant which allows it to be used almost anywhere.

In 2016 it was found that decorative stone veneer had more than a 92% Cost to Value ratio when added to a home or business. Contact 3 Dads Decks & Pads, LLC to learn how the addition of decorative stone veneer can add value to your home or office.

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